Vegan “Alfrado”

Ok, so this recipe had me skeptical at first ( I don't like regular alfrado sauce) so I decided to take a wing with this recipe and what do you know! It was pretty good! My boyfriend liked it and he LOVES alfrado! That must say something... right? The only complaint he had was that [...]


Cake Batter Smoothie?!?

YES! You heard that right! I found a way to make a normal breakfast smoothie, into a BOMB ASS breakfast smoothie! (Actually, all credit goes to my boyfriend..... but who cares!) I know that you had licked the cake batter bowl before am I right? Don't lie to yourself! We all know that it is [...]

Grammy’s Homemade Applesauce!

APPLES TO APPLE Fall is my favorite season of the year. Amazing weather, followed by everything pumpkin spice flavored is just the perfect combo! Another reason fall is my favorite season is because my grandmother will pull out a bag of peeled homegrown apples from the freezer (so many apple trees, which means A LOT [...]