suga N spyce

Want to learn new recipes? Want to see what its like living as a vegan? Or what about learning about the benefits of food? SAY NO MORE! The time has come, I am here to share with you all how food can be used as medicine. Instead of having a love hate relationship with food, why not enjoy it and be smart about it!

Yes I am an aspiring dietitian; No I am not here to tell you to only eat certain foods; No I am not strict with the food I eat, I, myself don’e always take in enough veggies or fruits like we all should. However I do aim to do my best, and would love to help others on their journey to health. And I am certainly not here to tell you how to live. I don’t believe in diets, really. I believe in lifestyles. If you really want something, you will work for it. So come check out my blog! ( I am new to this so it would be greatly appreciated if everyone would be patient with me!)

-Thank you-

Taralee ❤