Grammy’s Homemade Applesauce!


Fall is my favorite season of the year. Amazing weather, followed by everything pumpkin spice flavored is just the perfect combo! Another reason fall is my favorite season is because my grandmother will pull out a bag of peeled homegrown apples from the freezer (so many apple trees, which means A LOT of apples!) and she will whip up some warm, organic, delicious applesauce. Yes, this recipe is fairly simple and quick… however, I am telling you, this applesauce isn’t just like no other!


APPLES! (any kind you prefer)
Cinnamon (sprinkle)
Brown Sugar (sprinkle)


  1. This might be a hassle, but you need to peel all the apples and slice n dice them!
  2. Next take a decent sized pot and put 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup of water in the pot and set it on Low.
  3. Place the apples in the pot as well and let it sit for about 30 minutes . It depends on the type of apple you use. So I would just play around with it until it starts to get really soft.
  4. Once soft, mash all of the apples up and then add the cinnamon and brown sugar!
  5. And what do you know, you have yourself some homemade applesauce!
I know this seems really short and easy! But peeling those apples takes a good minute to do them all! But it is definitely worth it! Thank you for checking this recipe out! I appreciate it! If any one of you guys have a different way of making applesauce, PLEASE share it with me! I would love to try it!



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