Veggie Medley ; Vegan Friendly!

Seeing a plate full of veggies can be frightening to some people. Some may wonder ” how is that a meal?” ” How would THAT fill you up?” etc. What they don’t know is that vegetables have A LOT of fiber in them.  Which will fill you up before you over do your intake! They also carry a variety of nutrients as well, depending upon the type of veggie you use! This dish was created by my boyfriend who surprised me with dinner the other night. Let me tell you – It was AMAZING!  I Loved every part of it!  This is a dish for anyone who feels they are not getting enough veggies in their diet, or simply for anyone who just loves veggies!  This is also a very easy dish to make, so if you don’t have much time to cook, this will be your next go to meal! and it’s healthy too!



1 large Butternut squash
1 Red Pepper
1 Orange Pepper
1 Head of Broccoli
String Green Beans
1 whole Red Onion
1- 2 tablespoons of coconut oil ( or olive oil)
Ms. Dash garlic and herb spice
( That’s all that was in the dish my boyfriend had prepared, but you can use any kind of veggies that you prefer!)


  1. Cut butternut squash into cubes and boil them. -until soft.
  2. Cut up the red onion and toss in a frying pan on medium low heat, with either coconut oil or olive oil.
  3. Toss in the broccoli with the onions  with a sprinkle of any seasoning you prefer (Mrs. Dash…) and cover the lid.
  4. In a steamer, toss in the string green beans, mushrooms and peppers.
That’s pretty much it! Cook it to your preference! Experiment some! The kitchen is where either magic can happen, or a total disaster! Take the risk though, you only live once! (;
  • I hope you enjoy! and if you try something different and liked it or didn’t like it, let me know! I would love to hear everyone’s creations !
  • as a side note, what we have placed in the center is a salt rock candle ! It complemented the meal quite nicely (:

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