The power of Grapefruit !

Although grapefruit can have a bitter taste at times, the benefits of eating them should make anyone say ” I guess it’s not THAT bad of a taste!”

  • Grapefruits contain a large portion of H2O, which means that if you are not drinking your daily intake of water, simply eating a grapefruit could help you get closer to your goals! Proper hydration helps keep your body flowing, and glowing!
  • Grapefruits have been said to be able to lower LDL cholesterol WHICH IS A GOOD THING! LDL cholesterol is the bad guy. He is the one that can clog up your arteries and cause heart attacks, stroke.. which could eventually lead to death.
  • Grapefruit contains a decent amount of vitamin C, which we should all know helps kick up our immune system!
  • Another reason why grapefruits are good for your heart, is because it helps lower triglyceride levels. Triglycerides are another type of bad cholesterol which, as mentioned above, is the key element for heart attacks.
  • This fruit is also capable of lowering blood pressure levels. High blood pressure usually is a result of a high sodium intake. A grapefruit contains a good amount of potassium in it, which will help neutralize the sodium in the blood stream.
  • The thing most people do not know about grapefruit is that color matters. The grapefruits with the most vitamins and nutrients along with antioxidants are the pink and red ones.  There is a study going on right now seeing if eating more antioxidants may help with lowering the chance of getting cancer.
  • Even though this super fruit is amazing all around, people who take Claritin or Allegra or any other type of allergy medicine should not eat this fruit. Reason being is because grapefruits contain a natural chemical called furanocoumarin. Which can affect how your liver metabolizes certain medications. If you were to eat a grapefruit while taking Claritin or Allegra, you could end up with higher-than-recommended levels of the drugs in your blood stream. Which could potentially result in death… so before thinking about eating a grapefruit be sure to contact your doctor to make sure that the meds you are taking are safe to consume this delicious fruit!
  • There are so many benefits of eating  grapefruit, I only listed a few I thought were vital to most people! If you know of any more great benefits of this super fruit please let me/us know! I love learning about food and the greatness it gives to us!

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